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Card Issuing and Management services

We provide the necessary infrastructure, systems and interfaces to deliver comprehensive card issuing and management services. We support Visa and Mastercard products, debit and credit cards, with a magnetic stripe, a microprocessor and with the contactless technology.

Our card issuing and management services:

  • -      new product implementation and certification in Visa, Mastercard systems (product set up, certification, etc.),
  • -      generation and distribution of new, renewed, replaced cards,
  • -      generation and distribution of PINs,
  • -      management of card statuses (i.e. card blockage, restriction, closure),
  • -      generation and mailing of card transactions statements,
  • -      management of complaints and chargeback process handling,
  • -      transaction monitoring and fraudulent transaction handling,
  • -      management of reporting processes,
  • -      management of other process for Members of payment organizations.
new product implementation and certification in Visa, MasterCard systems (product set up, certification, etc)

Flexible product management process:

  • -      different card activation options,
  • -      PIN change, PIN unblocking,
  • -      set up and modification of athorization limits to different transaction types (cash, purchase, card not present),
  • -      change of modifiable parameters on a microprocessor,
  • -      management of fees and commission profiles during the product life cycle.

Authorization and settlement of card transactions:

We support the following transaction types for cards managed in our systems:

  • -      cash withdrawal at ATMs,
  • -      purchase payments,
  • -      manual cash advance at POS (i.e. branch outlets),
  • -      cashback – cash advance at POS at purchase payment,
  • -      card not present – e-commerce, MO/TO.

The transaction processing services for cards managed in our systems include:

  • -      management of all types of authorization and settlement messages,
  • -      transmission of data from authorization and settlement messages to the Partner's systems,
  • -      management of debit card on-line authorization via direct connection to the Partner's system – actual account balance verification (debit interface),
  • -      management of debit card off-line authorization – Stand-In Processing,
  • -      management of settlement files and reports with payment organizations – Visa and Mastercard,
  • -      management of clearing/settlement of domestic and international card transactions with payment organizations – Visa and Mastercard, arising from debit and credit entries due to the Partner,
  • -      transmission of settlement reports for domestic and international transactions to the Partner's systems.

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