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Payment card services

We have a modern and functional system certified by international payment organizations - Visa, Mastercard - providing wide possibilities in the field of issuing and management of payment cards.

Card issuing

We provide the necessary infrastructure, systems and interfaces to deliver comprehensive card issuing and management services. We support Visa and Mastercard products, debit and credit cards, with a magnetic stripe, a microprocessor and with the contactless technology.

Card related supporting services

We have the tools, expertise and resources required to manage card related processes that support the issuance of payment cards. Our specialized teams monitor fraudulent transactions, process card and transaction complaints and handle chargebacks and provide customer support via a dedicated Card Call Center open 24 hours / 365 days.

We support a loyality program management module to offer special programs and promotions.

Functional system enables a flexible approach to every project.

We support services for different types of transactions.

Card issuing, processing, authorization and settlement of transactions

Transaction processing

Transaction processing services for POS, e-commerce, m-commerce and ATM transactions


ATM network development and management

POS terminals

Development and maintenance of POS terminals

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Head Office

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