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POS payment terminals

We deliver and operate POS terminals in retail and service outlets. We process transactions, provide technical support to users. We provide services for national payment institutions having appropriate licenses of international payment organizations.

As part of the services offered we can provide our Partner with:

  • -      the definition of the merchant and the POS terminal in the authorization and settlement system,
  • -      personalization of POS terminals in our own center,
  • -      supply, installation and sevice of POS terminals,
  • -      keeping the registry of orders, keeping the warehouse, reporting, etc.,
  • -      24h support to merchants - telephone and/or electronic contact.


To entities that are interested in the acquiring services, we offer the possibility to cooperate as:

  • -      Independent Sales Organization,
  • -      Payment Facilitator / Payment Service Provider.


Supported transaction types:

  • -      purchase (including tip transaction),
  • -      purchase with cash advance (cashback),
  • -      manual cash advance,
  • -      reversals,
  • -      credit vouchers,
  • -      pre authorization,
  • as well as POS terminal settlement for merchants


Technical specifications:

  • -      hardware platform: Ingenico,
  • -      types of available POS terminals: fixed, portable, self-service and mobile (it is possible to certify any model of a POS terminal and a PIN pad),
  • -      connectivity: Ethernet (or Wi-Fi); GSM/GPRS or 3G; PSTN,
  • -      transaction support: contact (EMV/magnetic stripe) and contactless,
  • -      possibility of integration: with cash register systems or other external systems of the Partner.


Terminal-related supporting services

Our professional team can  provide a 24h phone service for Partners. The team can provide services such as:

  • -      hotline as the first line support,
  • -      POS terminal activation,
  • -      POS terminal technical support,
  • -      resolving problems related to authorization of transactions,
  • -      resolving problems related to settlement of transactions.

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