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Transaction processing

Transaction processing services for e-commerce, m-commerce, POS and ATM transactions.

We own and operate a direct connection to Visa and MasterCard systems (Payment System Connectivity) via VEAS and MIP, respectively.

Registration of merchants to special programs in payment organizations (micropayments, payments at public & government institutions, etc.).

A system with the functionality to support many institutions.A system with flexibility to create structures and hierarchies. A system supporting multiple currencies for transactions, authorization and settlement.

Authorization and settlement of transactions 

A comprehensive offer to handle transaction processing services for acquiring activities – we offer and provide services for processes related to transaction authorization and routing as well as handling of settlements, fees and billing of commissions between participants of the payment system: Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants.

Supporting services for transaction processing

We provide support for all the necessary processes associated with the processing of payments. We have the necessary expertise, know-how, resources and tools to provide supporting services.

Card issuing, processing, authorization and settlement of transactions

Transaction processing

Transaction processing services for POS, e-commerce, m-commerce and ATM transactions


ATM network development and management

POS terminals

Development and maintenance of POS terminals

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